An entire year has taken Jetson Surfboards engineers to fully develop the Jetson MARLIN 9’5″, first european made boosted gun.

In tight collaboration with spanish charger Óscar Gómez Ibars, co-discoverer of renamed surf spot of La Vaca (Cantabria), the MARLIN is born to cover out a great necessity of big wave surfing, providing more speed, more safety and enabling to catch more waves. 

As happens with its younger sisters, the MARLIN incorporates a little jet which provides an extra push to the surfer, very usefull at the boiling moments: take off, paddle out and evading the hot zone which might replace the jetski (tow-in) in some cases.

“The board helps to solve critical situations and provides much extra speed which enables earlier take offs and so catching bigger waves. In addition, when paddling out you spend 50% less energy that you could use to catch more waves”, states Óscar Gómezwatch video

Before completing the running-in of the board, team Jetson visited the main big wave surf spots like Meñakoz (Euskadi), Mundaka (Euskadi), La Verdad (Asturias) or La Vaca (Cantabria), former location where it took place the submission session over this lines (rider: Óscar Gómez Ibars).

Entirely designed in Barcelona (Catalonia), under a shape of Ahau Surfboards, the Jetson MARLIN is now available on Jetson Catalog 2016.

From now on big wave surfing has a new ally!

See MARLIN 9’5″ features

Interview with Óscar Gómez Ibars

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