We want Jetson to be synonymous with easy surfing. That is the main idea behind its creation, and it is the reason why we have created a silent, discreet system that never breaks the silence or changes the sensations you feel in the water. It is extremely intuitive to control, something achieved so you can focus on surfing and nothing more. This is no common board either, and that’s the way we like it. However, to make the most of the board, you will need to become familiar with some of its special features. When using a Jetson, you must remain aware that you are running on batteries. Bearing that in mind, you have to remember that the batteries will not last as long you hope if you have them running at full power all the time. The way the board was designed, you need to paddle out, as well.

Our advice is to paddle, to exercise, to help the jet by using your arms and only turn the jet on when you really need an additional boost. This way, the battery will last longer, your time on the waves will be lengthened, you will catch more waves and, when you get out of the water, the level of satisfaction you feel will be greater.


The controls are integrated into the top right side of the board, where you can control the jet’s power level. It has five buttons, including a stop button and four others to increase the power. Having four options gives you the possibility to adapt the power to your needs at each given moment based on surfing conditions, allowing you to maximize your time on the waves. The jet should be turned on and off intermittently, and to do so the board is equipped with a timer that automatically turns the jet off if the controls have not been used for more than two minutes. Once off, it can be re-activated by pressing one of the four power buttons.

Jetson Boosted Surfboards

The grey button turns the jet off so you can paddle or stand by in a waiting position.

Jetson Boosted Surfboards

The first button, or “Eco Mode,” provides you with a gentle push that is just enough to keep you moving slowly and save the batteries. It helps you reach the peak or keep moving along. If the waves aren’t breaking, this power level is high enough.

Jetson Boosted Surfboards

50%, or “Paddle Out,” helps you get past the current and break so you can reach the peak or “line-up.”

Jetson Boosted Surfboards
75%, or “Breaking Zone,” helps get you past the breaking zone. Because it uses more battery, we recommend you use it only when you want to get out of the breaking zone as quickly as possible.

Jetson Tablas Surf Propulsadas“Boost” provides the greatest push and power and is used to ensure take-off when you start surfing. It uses the most battery, so we recommend its use only right at the moment of take-off.

Jetson surfboards


Temperature lights: 
Temperature light: If the jet temperature gets too high, this indicator light turns on, and the engine stops. Once it cools down, the jet can be started up again.

Obstructed propeller indicator:
Jetson’s jet does have a screen to keep out foreign objects which might otherwise block the jet. The design was optimized to prevent this problem. However, bearing in mind that it is impossible to avoid this problem entirely, we did include an indicator light. Surfers must check to see if any objects are trapped in the jet and remove them if they are. Before doing so, it is important for you to remove the battery for safety reasons.

Battery indicator:
It comes in three colors: green if the battery is working normally, yellow when batteries levels fall below 25% of their full capacity, and red when they reach 0% of their capacity. Once they reach zero, the jet will turn off and cannot be started up again.



Jetson batteries are removable, so once they go dead, you can take them out and keep using the board. If you have more than one battery pack, you can switch them out and keep surfing all day long, with no need to recharge them.


Jetson’s pack includes a very reliable charger you can use to recharge your batteries.


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