Jetson Tablas Surf Propulsadas sonrisas“That weekend we went to surf on the North Coast. Our main goal was surfing the greatest possible number of waves. But this time an unexpected aid, had two amazing Jetson. And it ended up being something unforgettable…””Jetson Tablas Surf Propulsadas sonrisas


“It is amazing the ease with which you will reach the peak. You have to be brutal for big waves.
¡I can not stop smiling, I had never taken so many followed good waves!”


“Help much when the wave this messy, with current… And the feeling of surfing is identical, bottom, turn, pump, all the same!


“I finally felt what is to run a wall, with a quick escape from the foam wave. I learned more in two bathrooms with this Jetson that in a year of catching foams.”


“Haha, guys, you had never catch many waves. I did not know who shot with my camera|”

“Finally, thanks to the incredible support of Jetson tables we catch all the waves of the beach.”

“We progress as never before and we returned home while smiling.”

Jetson Tablas Surf Propulsadas sonrisas


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