jetson_boosted_surf_simply_more_surf 2Jetson is a surfboard that includes a miniature jet which gives you a boost at the most important moments: reaching the peak and taking off. It is a surfboard that will allow you to catch more waves so you make the most of your surfing experience by surfing more. In other words, the more waves you can catch, the faster your progress will be.

Moreover, when the size of the waves or the strength of the current goes beyond your limits, Jetson provides you with extra safety. It is a powerful tool that helps you catch big waves, making training sessions longer while increasing the fun. It is especially valuable for those getting a late start in the sport.

Once you’re riding the wave, thanks to the full integration of its small design components and its ease of use, your surfing experience becomes as fluid and intense as the ride you get on a regular surfboard.

To ensure smooth, dynamic behavior, we got board shaper Marcos Slash to handle the job. Power, weight and size have been optimized to maintain the traditional surfing experience. As a result, you will still have to paddle your own way out into the waves. Thanks to Jetson, though, you will be able to go above and beyond your usual limits by using this new system: Boosted Surf.


It is not a recreational boat.

It is not a beach toy.

It is not a jet-ski you can use to jump over the waves. You still have to find your own way through the waves to ride them out.


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