The surfing experience can only be understood if you try it. Sometimes conditions at sea are far from ideal, or you may not be in ideal physical shape, so you simply cannot reach the point where you’re riding a wave. This mainly happens at two essential moments because of their complexity, reaching the break and paddling fast and strong enough to take off. Sometimes those two moments are so difficult that the surfer uses up every bit of energy too quickly.

That is where Jetson comes in, to help you get out to the waves and breaks. But even more importantly, it helps you during take-off, so you can reach that point a bit earlier, right before the wave breaks, with enough time to catch the wave and enjoy the clean side of the wave’s wall. Once you’re on the wave, the Jetson board design provides exactly the same smooth, dynamic sensation experienced on any traditional surfboard.

The exclusive artisanal shapes created by master Marcos Slash ensure a dynamic surfing experience on the wave. Jetson, with its boosted surf mechanism, is the perfect partner on those especially tough days, or days when the waves are bigger and you want that extra safety that only Jetson can provide by helping you catch the wave before it breaks.


Jetson’s technology has just one goal in mind: improving your surfing experience. To Jetson, technology is the means but not the end, which is why a considerable amount of time has been devoted to creating the best final product, That way, when it comes time for you to surf, our boards provide you both comfort and reliability.

All its detail work and parts were designed with the unique goal of maximizing your surfing experience: size, independence, the jet’s geometrics, weight, momentum, power, controls, automatic devices, etc.

It has been a long journey in which many different surfboard prototypes were tested until attaining the most reliable board. At the same time, the research and development required were considerable to ensure that every component part was perfectly integrated into Marcos Slash designs.


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